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Creating and selling merchandise should be fast, easy and affordable.

The time and effort it takes to sell merchandise can be daunting, you need to source quality merchandise, find a printer, find a platform to set up a store, manage orders, manage inventory and ship orders to buyers.

OnMerch.com is here to do the heavy lifting and consolidate all these tasks into one simple service. We give you the ability to create a free online merchandise store and anything sold through your store; will be managed, printed and shipped by us.

Create your free account, build your catalogue and start selling your custom merchandise or designs. It’s that easy!

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How it works?

Here’s how it works; You create an account, upload your designs and build your catalogue. A customer visits your store and can purchase anything from your catalogue. Our staff are instantly notified of your customer’s order. We print and dispatch orders within 48 hours. Shipping time will vary based on customer’s location. Print production is updated in real-time on your dashboard. For each order sold, we charge our base costs and pay you royalties based on the price you set. Royalties are paid via PayPal at the end of each month.

Simple and easy to use platform.

The OnMerch platform has a powerful back-end where you can design apparel, manage and check your orders.

Uploading new design can be done in minutes. Our online product builder allows you to visualise designs on a variety of coloured garment.

Stores are flexible and can be customised to your brand.

Royalty Payments.

Review sales and earnings via your personal dashboard.

For peace of mind and ease of set up, royalties are paid monthly via PayPal.

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We cover all overheads, website hosting, print production, shipping and inventory.

You set the price, we charge our base and you earn the rest.

Please refer to the table for product pricing.

Apparel Base Price RRP
T-Shirt / Singlet $20 $30 - $35
Raglan T $22 $30 - $35
Sweatshirt $30 $40 - $50
Hoodie $35 $40 - $60
Tote Bag $12 $15 - $20

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